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Our Philosophy

We value the child as a person, and our teachers are inquisitive, focused, and engaged.  We provide a nurturing, safe, and inviting environment both inside and out.  We foster trusting relationships with children and their families. We give children the experience of a farm and the magical wonder of the outdoors, but we also incorporate science and other cognition building tasks into our time at Lupine School.  We utilize handcrafted and intentional materials inside the classroom in order to cultivate early literacy and numeracy skills.

Our focus is to foster each child’s growth as an individual, and to create a classroom culture that frames education as an exciting part of growing and becoming vital members of the community.  We practice "compassion curriculum", modeling and teaching ways of being in the world that take the wellbeing of others (both human and non-human) into consideration.  

Our goal is to send children into the world believing in themselves and their ability to make the world a better place.

Academics & Curriculum

​We utilize an emergent curriculum and place-based pedagogy that focus on engaging children with the natural world around them.  These interactions with nature create rich learning opportunities and help to cultivate compassion.

​We function in a community model where the children in our care have a voice as to their preferences and ideas for further exploration.  

We focus our circle times, classroom materials, and projects on the rhythm of the seasons, allowing for deeper exploration into topics in which the children show interest.  In this way, the teacher plays the role of supporter and facilitator. We select classroom materials with much thought and reflection.  Each handcrafted manipulative has been selected with care in order to cultivate meaningful experiences for the child. The space has been deliberately designed to allow for children to discover and interact with a variety of multi-dimensional items.  The arts are a focus, and music is woven into our explorations.

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