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The Lupine Community School 

Nurture through Nature







We are so excited to announce The Lupine Community School!  

We are creating a non-profit elementary school that follows the current Lupine 

preschool model. Please check back and follow along as we grow!  


If you would like to be a part of this project, please reach out

Check back for updates-donation link and more info coming soon! 


Our nature-based school is focused on cultivating creative, compassionate, critical thinkers in order to meet the needs of a changing world.  This is known as a "solutionary mindset”. The goal is to teach and foster the growth of the whole child. Children are our youngest citizens, and should be treated as such to help them become active and engaged participants in society. The Lupine School focuses on inclusive place based education, our classes spend large portions of time outside; noticing, interacting, and entering into a relationship with the world around us. Academic subjects are not taught in isolation, rather in the interconnected way they occur in the real world. Our mission is to lay the foundation for a generation to grow up prepared to deal with the unique challenges they will be expected to solve, both at the preschool and the elementary levels. 


One of our goals is to help raise children that recognize we must coexist, not only with each other, but with the animals and the planet we inhabit. We encourage children to ask big questions, allowing space for them to have a voice, and most importantly, their voice matters. We give children the opportunity to continually find joy in learning and enter into deeper study of the things that matter to them. We have found engaged children not only learn more, but also maintain the lessons being taught. 


The Lupine School is currently located on a working farm allowing us to do all of the above. On a typical day, we spend more time outside than inside. We explore and engage with the nature around us and visit with the animals on the farm. This environment allows us to guide the children under the concept of humane education. We approach teaching in a way that draws connections between human rights, animal protection, and environmental sustainability. 


The elementary school will take these foundations and continue them at the upper level.  We will have mixed age classrooms and spend a large amount of time outside, noticing what the children gravitate towards and creating projects and multifaceted learning opportunities surrounding these interests.  Our work at the school is rooted in research driven “best practices” for education.  There is simply not another school, especially at the elementary level, doing the same thing as Lupine-most notably the farm/nature focus combined with a project-based emergent approach.   Families love the atmosphere, the feedback, and the results they see from their child’s exposure to joyful educational experiences.  When surveying families, the refrain heard most often is, “We can’t find anything else like this anywhere in the area.  We want this for our child for elementary school!”. 

 *The Lupine Community School is a separate entity from The Lupine Preschool* 


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