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Amy Magrinat

My name is Amy Magrinat, and I hold a Masters Degree from UNC-CH in early childhood education, early intervention, and family support.  I'm a certified nature-based educator through ERAFANS, and have a BA in Psychology from NCSU. Before becoming involved in early childhood education, I spent time working in the music industry and in holistic health.  I am currently working on my "wonder-led teaching" certification.  

 I love creating a magical experience for children on the lovely grounds of 1870 Farm!  I really enjoy spending time with children and seeing the excitement on their faces when they discover something new or exciting.

 When I'm not teaching or furthering my education, I love to garden, see live music, go hiking, travel, and spend quality time with my husband, Tommy, two children, Walker Blue and Aubrey, and my dogs, cats, bearded dragon and backyard chickens.


Andrea Mazade 

My name is Andrea Mazade and I have been a preschool educator for several years now. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the Lupine School community --and I'm excited that our home at 1870 Farm has so much to explore and discover!

For the last several years I have also worked with the Building Bridges Initiative, a non-profit specializing in issues related to children’s residential mental health.  I have a BA in Psychology from Guilford College. I also have a love of crafts and culinary arts, both of which I enjoy incorporating into some of our projects! 

Outside of the classroom I love spending time with my husband Eduardo, our daughter Luisa, and the many fabulous friends we’ve made here since our move from Austin, TX. 

Assistant Director/Teacher




Kristen Wood

My name is Kristen Wood. I am a recent Master’s graduate from UNC Greensboro with a degree in Sustainability and Environment. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Sustainability Studies along with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. The environment is incredibly important to me and I strive to share my knowledge of and passion for nature with others around me.

In my spare time, I am usually found bonding with my two rescue cats Cream Puff and Noodle. You can also find me curled up with a book or participating in various arts and crafts, such as painting or crocheting. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking on trails and visiting state parks.

Kirsten Bohl - outdoor turquoise.png

My name is Kirsten Bohl. I am a nature-based educator with a heart for young children's play, creativity, and self-discovery. I can sing, paint, color, dance, make a great noise, with the best of them. I learn from children every minute, and we all grow together. I love art-making projects of all kinds, storytelling and improvisation, and noticing tiny details and spotting patterns at the edge where the magical meets the everyday world.

When I am not at the Lupine School, I enjoy walking in the woods, reading, writing, leading Fairy Walks at Triangle Land Conservancy and other local venues, and coordinating the Mathical Book Prize, which lifts up literary fiction and nonfiction for youth ages 2-18 to inspire a love of math in the world around us.

Kirsten Bohl


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